sábado, 25 de setembro de 2010

Advocatus Magazine 4/ WHO

For this drawing I was asked to do something related with partnership marketing. I proposed several ideas which you can see below, On them I tried to portray a team of businessman colaborating to achieve the same goal, as a team.  I clearly liked the tennis one more, luckyly for me they choosed that one...the thing is that it was a bit late so I had to rush things (a lot) on the final piece...and that sucked...but I digged the idea so I´m posting this.

Advocatus magazine 3/ WHO

Briefing - Communicate to the city / new forms of self-promotion by lawyers.
In the final one it was changed to a woman, but I prefer this one.
Below you can see some of the sketches to get to this. I really liked the "robot" one, pitty I couldn´t use it....maybe some other time

Advocatus magazine 2/ WHO

The Briefing for this illustration was a text about a rumor that circulated in the social networks in which the BCP would be at risk of bankruptcy and how a  mere virtual rumor had an impact on reality.
Having said that, in the illustration I tried to show a representation of a building of bcp crumbling. With it is also falling down the president of Millennium bcp, Carlos Santos Ferreira. Also tried to  represent the transition from rumor (through social networks) to reality , witch in the illustration is made literally.I also tried to give the idea that  is Carlos Ferreira himself, who is confronted with this image when accessing his facebook profile.

Rough sketch and lines below:

Advocatus magazine 1/ WHO

The briefing for this illustration was: 
At the time of recruitment, the final graduation grade remainsimportant, but the psychological component of graduatesis increasingly valued. What  firms ( of lawyers) want to know nowadays is thecandidates hobbies, what has he done throughout academic life, how does he spend hisleisure time, if he speaks english...

So I´ve drwn a bunch of candidates all practicing some stuff other that the actual presentation...Not sure if  I explained this right but hope you get the idea.
Here´s the early sketch and final lines below: