sábado, 30 de janeiro de 2010

Commission work - super and goku vs Joker

Hi, this is a commission piece I recentlly did. It was asked by the client so I dont get credit for the ideia. Boy this was a tough one but looking at it, I really liked doing this so I wanted to share part of the process with you people!

This is the final piece.

Now some of the different stages to get to this:

This was the first layout sketch, very loose lines just to give the idea of the overall composition. The client only sugested I added some characters layed down on the floor after seeing this layout so, that´s why Supergirl, the Martian Manhunter, Gohan and Krillin do not appear here

Final pencils before inking...they are a bit loose, compared to what I normally try to do with this kind of finished pencils, but the main goal here was to ink it so, my mind wouldn´t let me tighten things up

Inks...this sure is a part where I really need to practice...I manage to do it the best I can, but I know it´s far from where it could be...
As you can see, I wanted to put some shadow work here but, in the overall I wanted to let the most of it for the coloring part...

Ufff...I think this was the most time-consuming fase of it all...getting all this different areas colored was a pain...Even though I used a really great tip I took from the awesome Nate Simpson, he was using some cool photoshop plugins,the MultiFill and Flatten Plug-In's , so I thought I´d give it a try...
It sure made the task easier, but it sill took me a lot of time to get it right..What it does is to fill every blank area with a different color, so the result was this:

After that it was just a matter of choosing the right colors, but I didn´t have to lasso-tool hand by hand every single area...so I think that saved a lot of time!

Now this was the fun part..to give it all shadows and light sources, and to change the colors as I damn pleased :D ...well...it wasn´t all fun...i wanted to make that aura as a strong light source...but I didn´t want it to be the main element..so it got a bit frustrating to get it right...but I think I managed to give it some of the balance I was looking for by adding some other lights there...

Another thing I wanted was to give a different focus on the main characters. I felt it would be too confusing to give them all the same projection, so I tried to give the ones in the back some darker colors, that way I was trying to stand out where the action is. Of course in the end I felt I needed some focus on the Joker there..so, that explains that light beam...

And that´s it...sorry for my limited english, I may have made some critical gramatical errors along the way, I hope it didn´t get too confusing ...sorry if it did! again, thank for viewing

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  1. hmmm! I think I know the guy on the poster...
    I love the "Bat-blanket" on the floor. Lol.
    Congratulations Mike! Awesome work of Art.

  2. @Giebels- thank you so much for the kind words, glad you like it, even though there were a lot of characters in it, I still wanted to put some funny bat-related details in there, again, thank you so much for your support :P!

  3. There's a fucking confusion on your english...come on improve your skills before saying all this shit. This word art sucks, i'd do it better for sure. You know that. sorry for my direct speech but the true needs to be on the top.

    Big hug and you know...it's all bullshit. Congrats Fella

  4. this is sooo amazing! i really want to request a piece from u! with of course commission! i sent u an email. please let me know asap!