sexta-feira, 8 de abril de 2011

Optimus Test

I was asked to do an Illustration Test for an Optimus campaign...but at the time i didn´t have the time, so I didn´t and it was made by another illustrator. After i was done with the job that kept me from doing this, I figured I should give it a try and send it anyway. I did receive good feedback, that i think influenced  the fact that I get another illustration request for them later,  but this particular pic was not used.
By the way, the official campaign was made by the amazing Mario Belém.

Sketch and Detail below

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  1. Mais uma voltinha, mais uma viagem, no carrocel das social networks!
    :D Giro giro!

  2. Oláá Ivete! Muito obrigado pelo comentário, ainda bem que gostas!bjus!